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A contemporary sounding remix of "Shouldn´t Have To Be Like That" is released as a radio promo single in Norway. The remix is done by Henrik Njaa, one half of the very popular Norwegian duo Zuma.

rune arkiv, a new label under rune grammofon, releases "The Early Years - In Silence & Small Mercies" and "The Best Of Fra Lippo Lippi", both being remastered. "The Early Years" includes both "In Silence" and" Small Mercies"
as well as the two instrumentals on the b-side of "Now and Forever", all placed on one 79 minute cd. "The Best Of" varies from the previous and long deleted collection from 1995 in that it includes a live version of the favourite "Everytime I See You" as well as the original version of "Angel" from "Light And Shade".

Due to the success of rune grammofon, Rune Kristoffersen decides to take a break from the group he founded 22 years ago, agreeing to let Per Øystein Sørensen make an FLL album on his own. The album, called "In A Brilliant White" is released by EMI in the Philippines and is in all but the name a solo effort comprising 10 new Sørensen songs including "Later".

A brand new Sørensen song, "Later" is recorded and made available to radio stations in the Philippines, where it goes high in several charts.

The second Monolight album is released, this time on rune grammofon.

FLL is invited back to the Philippines and play a greatest hits program in front of almost 15.000 people in Manila. For the first time they also play in Cebu, close to 5.000 local fans attending.

Kristoffersen launches his own record label, rune grammofon.

"The Virgin Years - Greatest Hits" is released by Octoarts in the Philippines.

The Best Of Fra Lippo Lippi 85-95 is licensed to CNR Arcade in Norway and Polystar in Japan.

Kristoffersen releases his second solo album, now as Monolight, on Norwegian independent label Tatra. The circle is closed as Tatra is run by Tormod Opedal who also ran Uniton at the beginning of FLL´s career.
The music is experimental techno.

The boys more or less want to call it a day, but decide to make a best of album.
Selected tracks from "Songs", "Light And Shade" and "The Colour Album" are re-recorded, partly for artistic reasons but mostly because of contractual restrictions.

Two brand new songs are recorded as well, one written by Kristoffersen and one by Sørensen. Again it´s all mixed by Kaj Erixon in Stockholm.

Founder Rune Kristoffersen releases his first solo album as Elephant Song.
It´s all instrumental and features Nils Petter Molvaer on trumpet and Tore Elgarøy on guitar.

"Songs", their sixth album, is released through Sonet in Norway and licensed to Polystar in Japan and Octoarts in the Philippines.

FLL start recording their next album in Kristoffersen´s basement. The finished tapes are taken to Stockholm for mixing by "Songs" producer Kaj Erixon.

After breaking with The Record Station the duo is considering breaking up the band as well, but decides to write some new songs.

February and March see the recording of their fifth album "The Colour Album" at the famous Rainbow Studio in Oslo. The producer this time is another Swede, Johan Ekelund.

A live album, "Crash Of Light", is prepared and manufactured for the revived Easter Productions label but is never actually released due to the fact that the distributor collapses with legal difficulties following. It is later released on CD
in the Philippines only.

Fra Lippo Lippi becomes a huge hit in the Philippines and are invited there for concerts. Ticket demand is huge and they sell out the 11.000 capacity Folk Arts Theatre in Manila 6 times over two weekends.

New tracks are written and the duo secure a new recording contract with Swedish label The Record Station.

FLL´s fourth album is recorded in sunny Los Angeles between February and April with Walter Becker producing and long time Steely Dan engineer Roger Nichols getting it on tape. Several top session musicians are draftet in, with various results, but that´s another story.

"Angel" is sent out to US radio station and the feedback is very good, but FLL´s flirtation with this market is not to be fulfilled. Several artists is dumped by Virgin´s US office, FLL being one of them. With this being one of the main targets for the new album, some of the air goes out of the balloon and Virgin and FLL will later part company.

"Light And Shade" is released in the autumn.

There is a new tour of Norway, and they are invited to Japan for the Yamaha Song Contest where they win a major price and perform "Angel" at the huge Budokan. They also do two very successfull club concerts in Tokyo.

First single for Virgin, "Shouldn´t have to be like that", is released. It reaches number 4 in the official Norwegian sales charts and the lower regions of the UK charts.

The slightly remade "Songs" is released internationally by Virgin to great critical acclaim. It sells another 20.000 copies in Norway.

"Come Summer" and a completely reworked version of "Everytime I See You" are released as singles number 2 and 3.

As a live band, FLL is extended with 4 musicians. They successfully tour Norway in the autumn, sold out concerts everywhere.

Reactions and sales of "Songs" are good enough for Virgin to start planning for another album, USA being a target this time. In demand producer Walter Becker from Steely Dan is approached and accepts after having turned down Crowded House.

New songs are written, with Sørensen taking a greater part than previously.

Their third album "Songs" is released in Norway on Easter Productions, a label set up by the group. Reviews are favourable and the album sells close to 5000 copies without the aid of singles or promotion.

Later in the year Virgin UK gets interested and a world wide record contract is signed in London.

Latest member Øyvind Kvalnes and founder member Morten Sjøberg quit at the prospect of giving up their day jobs for the uncertain carreers as professional musicians. This leaves FLL as the duo of Rune Kristoffersen and Per Øystein Sørensen.

Additional recordings, most notably guitar tracks, are done at Polar Studios with Dave Allen (Depeche Mode, The Cure) as producer. A brand new track not on the original album is recorded as well. This is "Everytime I See You".

The lure of Silence Studio and the Swedish sound brings FLL across the border in search of new recording experience. Bjørn Sorknes is guesting on bass and there´s a new member, Øyvind Kvalnes. The result is 2 new songs to be released as 7 and 12" singles, again by Uniton.

FLL now effectivly being a quartet are writing new songs with the piano given an important role in the scheme of things. This leads the group towards a more defined pop direction, with a more personal style than previously.
The lack of proper producers in Norway for this kind of music make them once again look to Sweden, this time Abba´s Polar Studios and producer/engineer
Kaj Erixon. They split with Uniton and take up a loan to finance the recording.

Maturing songwriting and a strong will to find their own musical profile lead to the question of getting a singer onboard. Per Øystein Sørensen, also from Nesodden, is suggested by our studio engineer. He is up for it and apart from being a great singer also brings a new dimension to the songs.

The 7" single "Now And Forever" is released, 2 instrumentals on the b-side.

Songwriting for the debut album is showing the strong influence of groups like
The Cure and Joy Divison and Bjørn Sorknes decides to leave. He will shortly join Holy Toy, the experimental rock group led by Andrej Nebb and featuring Lars Pedersen (When) and later to be composer Rolf Wallin.

Debut album "In Silence" is released on Norwegian independent label Uniton.

Fra Lippo Lippi was formed in Nesodden, outside Oslo, by Rune Kristoffersen, Morten Sjøberg and Bjørn Sorknes after a couple of years of writing and rehearsing as Genetic Control.

Debut 7" 4-track instrumental EP is released on Private Records, 3 of the tracks being short, funny, quirky stabs at electropop, the b-side a longer, darker and more ambient offering.

The track "Fabric Wardrobe" is released on an international compilation of exclusive tracks called "Fix Planet" on the German label Atatak.