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Original album releases
In Silence (Uniton 1981) Vinyl
Small Mercies (Uniton 1983) Vinyl
Songs (Easter 1985) Vinyl
Light And Shade (Virgin 1987) Vinyl + CD
The Colour Album (Record Station 1989) Vinyl + CD
Crash Of Light (Easter 1990) Vinyl, live recording, beautiful sleeve, ltd.
Dreams (Easter/Sonet 1992) CD
Best Of 85-95 (Easter/Arcade 1995) CD
In A Brilliant White (EMI Philippines 2002) CD

Additional album releases
Small Mercies (Vap 1984) Vinyl, Japan
Small Mercies (Divine 1984) Vinyl, France
Songs (Virgin 1986) Vinyl + CD
In Silence (Divine 1986) Vinyl, France, with 12" Say Something
Small Mercies (Divine 1986) CD, France
Small Mercies (Octoarts 1988) Vinyl, Philippines, incl. Say Something + 1
Small Mercies (Sonet 1990) CD
Crash Of Light (Octoarts 1991) CD, Philippines, additional tracks
Dreams (Octoarts 1992) CD, Philippines
Dreams (Polystar 1992) CD, Japan, different cover
Best Of (Polystar 1993) CD, Japan, different tracking, no new songs
Best Of (Dyna 1993) CD, Philippines, different tracking, no new songs
The Virgin Years - Greatest Hits (Octoarts 1997) CD, Philippines
The Best Of (Rune Arkiv 2003) CD
The Early Years (Rune Arkiv 2003) CD

7" and 12"
Fra Lippo Lippi 7" EP (Private 1980) 4 instrumental tracks, electronic
Now And Forever 7" (Uniton 1982) w/2 instrumentals on the b-side
The Treasure 12" (Uniton 1983) w/2 nonalbum livetracks on the b-side
Say Something 7" (Uniton 1984) w/Out To Sea on the b-side
Say Something 12" (Uniton 1984) w/Out To Sea on the b-side
Leaving 7" (IDL 1985) split single with Minox, Italian limited ed, very rare
Shouldn´t Have To Be Like That 7" (Virgin 1986)
Shouldn´t Have To Be Like That 12" (Virgin 1986)
Shouldn´t Have To Be Like That pianoshaped picturedisc (Virgin 1986)
Everytime I See You 7" (Virgin 1986) w/nonalbum instrumental
Everytime I See You 12" (Virgin 1986) w/2 nonalbum instrumentals
Come Summer 12" (Virgin 1986) w/extended remix
Angel 7" (Virgin 1987)
Angel 12" (Virgin 1987)
Some People 7" (Virgin 1987)
Some People 12" (Virgin 1987)
Count On Me 7" (Record Station 1989)
Love Is A Lonely Harbour 7" (Record Station 1989)
Mothers Little Soldier 7" (Record Station 1990)
Mothers Little Soldier 12" (Record Station 1990) w/extended remix
Everytime I See You/Fade Away (Easter 1990) very rare, never released

CD singles
Mothers Little Soldier (BMG 1990) Germany
Thief In Paradise (Easter/Sonet 1992)
Stitches And Burns 3" CD single (Polystar 1992) Japan
Everybody Everywhere (Easter/Arcade 1995) w/three remixes

Fix Planet (Ata Tak 1981) Vinyl, Germany, Fabric Wardrobe
Burning The Midnight Sun (Uniton 1994) Vinyl, A Small Mercy
From Nowhere To Eternity (Divine 1985) Vinyl, France, A Small Mercy
Virgin Ama Natura (Virgin 1986) Vinyl, Italy, Shouldn´t Have To Be Like That

Solo albums, Rune Kristoffersen
Elephant Song (Easter 1993) CD, instrumental etno/techno
Monolight (Tatra 1995) CD, experimental, instrumental techno
Monolight "Free Music" (Rune Grammofon 2001) CD

Compilations, Monolight
Love Comes Shining Over The Mountains (Rune Grammofon 1999) CD Spiritstalker
55. Runeology (Rune Grammofon 2001) CD, free with UK magazine The Wire,
Stranded In Narrow Air