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Welcome to Fra Lippo Lippi's official website. It is set up to provide a short history of the group, discography and any news that we want to share with you.Please note that you can click at the albums and singles links individually (after discography) to see sleeves, track listings and credits.
Most of the items in the discography are deleted and may only be found in secondhand shops or on the net.We do however have some extra copies of some of the vinyl editions and will consider selling at the right price.rune arkiv, a new label under rune grammofon, will release "The Early Years - In Silence & Small Mercies" and "The Best Of Fra Lippo Lippi", both being remastered, in February 2003. "The Early Years" includes both "In Silence" and "Small Mercies" as well as the two instrumental tracks from the b-side of the single "Now And Forever". "The Best Of" is slightly different from the previous and long deleted collection from 1995 in that it includes a live recording of "Everytime I See You" and the original version of "Angel".
Both releases have sleeve design by Kim Hiorthøy, the artist responsible for all rune grammofon design. These can be ordered from or by sending a mail to The price is the same as with other rune grammofon releases.

A contemporary sounding remix of "Shouldn´t Have To Be Like That" is released as a radio promo single in Norway in January 2003.
The remix is done by Henrik Njaa, one half of the very popular Norwegian duo Zuma.